After Trump's strike, more action is needed in Syria

Some of you may know that for the last 9 months, I've been working for my old professor from the University of Birmingham, Scott Lucas, on the social and digital media for his news and analysis website, EA Worldview.

Pretty much every day, I've woken up to and had to inform our followers of horrific pictures and stories from Syria of atrocities mainly caused by the Assad regime and its main backer, Vladimir Putin's Russia.

All too often, the response to these atrocities has been radio silence from the United Nations and, at best, strong words of condemnation from the United States, but little more. Thus, I support the harder line towards Assad's genocide that has been adopted in recent days by the Trump Administration.

Although one never wants to see deaths caused by conflict, I for one, think is about time that the international community took action against the barbarism of the Assad regime. Harsh words have been unable to deescalate this civil war; thus, stronger action is required.

My hope is that continued action from the United States and her NATO allies against those who are committing atrocities in Syria (be they government forces, extremist rebel groups or Islamic State) can bring all parties to the table for meaningful negotiations and a peaceful long-term solution to the conflict in Syria.

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