#WhereToGoInBarcelona - Black Remedy

Black Remedy are the new kids on the block. Owned by the Ascaso family, who also own the fantastic Compak Grinders), they opened in November last year in the heart of Barcelona's touristic yet trendy Ciutat Vella neighbourhood.

It's a slightly bigger space than many of Barcelona's other specialty coffee locations with workbenches for getting work done, proper tables to eat breakfast, brunch, or lunch at, and lower-level tables that are perfect for sipping a flat white on.

Serving great coffee and delectable food, Black Remedy have become something of a hipster mecca already, serving great beans from a variety of roasters including Tusell Tostadores (house roaster for espresso), Hidden Cafè BCN, Valladolid's Puchero Coffee, and Barcelona's Right Side Coffee.

Ideally situated in the Barri Gòtic, just behind the Plaça Sant Jaume and next to the Ajuntament (town hall), Black Remedy (C/ Ciutat, 5) has amazing food and that was (mainly) why I tend to go there with friends (it's a bit out of my way as I'm based in the north-west of the city and BR is in the south-east).

Usually, I have the delectable roasted vegetable and feta cheese salad (their veggie/vegan seta burger is ace too), whilst for meat-eaters, the pulled pork sandwich is highly-rated. If you're in the mood for a guilty pleasure, I'd check out their New York Cheesecake (yummm).

BR is extremely accessible with a flat entrance and several level tables - surprisingly rare in Barcelona's specialty coffee shops - although there's a slight step up to the toilet. The ambience there is fantastic and the staff are incredibly friendly too.

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