#WhereToGoInBarcelona - SlowMov, Gràcia

SlowMov is an ecological grocery store, coffee shop, and roastery in the idyllic Barcelona neighbourhood of Gràcia, located on the relatively tranquil Carrer de Luis Antúnez (number 18, just after the Placeta de Sant Miquel). 

Carmen Callizo, the founder of SlowMov, was studying as a postgraduate in Paris when she decided that she’d rather spend the days cooking and making artisanal coffee. 

Trained at Coutume Café in Paris by the renowned Antoine Netien, Carmen decided to open SlowMov in her grandfather’s old workshop in the neighbourhood of Gràcia, which she runs with her partner, François. 

They retain a close relationship with Coutume; in fact, their beans are supplied by the high-quality Parisian outfit. SlowMov's roaster, in full view as you enter the shop, roasts beans with a light/light-medium roasting style - a perfect pourover.

Part of SlowMov mission is to promote local ecological businesses; they have adopted the motto of “haste makes waste”. SlowMov mixes roasting and brewing coffee with local goods, including locally-grown eggs, vegetables, and other foodstuffs. There's also craft beer from the Catalan brewery, Dos Kiwis, and locally-made jams and preserves from La Madre de Miren.  

If you're passionate about well-made coffee or locally-produced goods, then these guys are the people to visit: they're incredibly knowlegable individuals and will often take time out to explain the nuances of roasting and making great coffees through your preferred method. 
Me brewing up some beans the other week at SlowMov

If you're lucky, you might spot me in there making a v60 or a Kalita, which I always love to share with my fellow coffee lovers.

Have you been to SlowMov? How did you find it? Where should I review next in my #WhereToGoInBarcelona series? Let me know in the comments below.

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